[Teaser] The Missconception of You//Chapter

“The Missconception of You”

Author             : Valuable94

Cast                 : Onew SHINee asLee Jinki

Song HyoIn (OC)

Other casts      : Jonghyun SHINee as KimJonghyun

KeySHINee as Kim Kibum

Minho SHINee Choi Minho

Taemin SHINee as Lee Taemin

Genre              : Romance, Hurt

Length             :Chapter

Disclaimer       : All of SHINee’smembers belong to themselves, OOC (Out Of Character). Don’t like, don’t read,don’t bash. NO PLAGIARISM. Continue reading


[Chapter] “The Missconception of You”//Part 1

“The Missconception of You”

Author             :Valuable94

Genre              :Romance, Hurt

Rate                 :G

Length             :Chapter (1 of  ?)

Casts               :Lee Jinki (Onew SHINee), Song Hyo In (OC), Kim Jonghyun (Jonghyun SHINee)

Other Casts     :Kim Kibum (Key SHINee), Choi Minho (Minho SHINee), Lee Taemin (Taemin SHINee)

Disclaimer       :all of SHINee’s member belong to themselves, OOC (Out Of Character). Don’tlike, don’t read, don’t bash. NOPLAGIARISM Continue reading

[Oneshot] Koyangi Ttaemune

Title                 :Koyangi Ttaemune/ Because of Cat

Author             :Valuable94

Genre              :Romance

Rate                 :T, G, AU

Lenght             :Oneshot

Cast                 :Lee Taemin (SHINee), Choi Min Hee (OC)

Disclaimer       : this plot is mine. Lee Taemin belongs to himself. Don’t COPY-PASTE without my permit.


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