[One Shot] The Alpha and I

The Alpha and I
Cho Kyuhyun (SJ)/ Song Hyo In (OC)
by Valuable94

Young Adult


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[Oneshot] Sarang Gobaek Hada

Title                 :Sarang Gobaek Hada (Love Confession)

Author             :Valuable94

Genre              :Romance

Casts               :Nam Woohyun (Woohyun Infinite), Choi Hyun Rin (Rose lyla/OC)

Support cast    : Taeyeon SNSD

Rate                 :PG-15

Lenght             :Oneshot

Disclaimer       : Those casts belong to themselves. This plot and story is absolutely MINE. Kalo suka diterusin bacanya, kalo gak suka gak usah lanjut. NO PLAGIARISM. Continue reading